Choosing to be a better me

When I hear someone say at some point in their lives they were ready to kill themselves, I get overwhelmed in my emotions, and I instantly thank them for choosing to live. 

When I hear someone say they had to apologize to the father or mother of their children, I instantly thank them for choosing to be a better person for the betterment of their child and themselves.

When I hear someone say it was hard for them to get out of bed this morning, I instantly thank them for choosing to be where they are today because they could have chose to stay in bed. 

We cannot help the way we feel nor are we capable of controlling others. We can only control how we react in situations, and I thank the people who choose to take the high road, and the road to peace and happiness (even when that road has potholes and detours). 

Sometimes, I wonder, how many people give up on their dream because of someone or some thing? Or How many people are battling with something constantly and are ready to throw in the towel? I wonder if those same people know and understand that their experiences are someone else’s inspiration, motivation, and/or reason to live again.

When others see your perseverance and resilience, you give them a reason to believe again. When we are able to narrate our story and turn our pain into power, we become powerful beyond our imagination. 

You are a walking testimony. Keep going!

— Ma’ Ronda X — Peace Be Upon You

Dear Black men, I'm sorry.

Step 1: Acknowledge