Dear Black men, I'm sorry.

As a Black woman, I sometimes reflect on some of my actions that contributed to the demise of a Black man’s livelihood. I want to say that I have always been the mature and level headed woman I am today, but I haven’t. As I sit and listen to some of my male friends confide in me about women holding them hostage by using pregnancy as a means to keep them around, I cringe inside because that woman used to be me. I remember the time when I lied to my ex-boyfriend about being pregnant, and I would like to say that I didn’t know what I was doing or that I didn’t know the repercussions of my actions, but I did. I knew that even though he no longer wanted anything to do with me that me saying that I was pregnant would bring him back, and would be my opportunity to re-spark a flame between us that was no longer there.

I was dishonest and manipulative. Although I have several excuses to why I did what I did, I want to apologize to all the Black men who are trying to do the best they can and are trying to take responsibility for their actions but are being held captive by women like my past self.

I am also sympathetic towards the Black men who are being falsely accused of rape and of the Black men who are being secretly threatened and harassed by women manipulating their power and the system. I sympathize with you all, and I want you all to know that I am sorry that you have to experience these type of incidents. However, I pray that you find the courage to speak out against women who try to manipulate situations and systems. I hope you allow yourself to share your story so that other men aren’t being trapped and railroaded, and women know that you will not stand for that sort of injustice or treatment. I also pray that you RECLAIM YOUR POWER and not allow these experiences to cripple you.

Either way, I’ll be sure to stand with you.

— Ma’ Ronda X — Peace Be Upon You

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