Men struggle too

In today’s society, it’s common to hear about women who struggle with their self-worth and their self-confidence. I also see or hear about several resources that women can utilize to overcome those barriers. However, I don’t know a lot of resources that help men love themselves better or be more confident in who they are. I have male friends who struggle with loving themselves wholeheartedly and who have been emotionally battered by women.  How do I, as a woman, help my male friends love themselves better? How do I teach them that as a man you do not have to settle for basic kind of love and that you do have to settle for love because you and your significant other have a history? How do I teach my male friends that a woman should make you better and should never bring you out of your character so much where you feel like you have to put your hands on her? How do I teach my male friends that it’s okay to step away and that it’s okay to ask for help? How do I explain to my male friends that they don’t have to suffer in silence? How do I teach my male friends that women and people will treat them how they treat themselves? How do I explain to my male friends that outside of a relationship that they should still invest in their personal development?

Serious question, where do men go to overcome those? If not in the home or the home isn’t enough, where do men learn how to be more confident? Where do they gain or maintain their self-worth? Why can’t I find resources to help my friends or to help my brothers? Have I not searched hard enough? Someone help me.

Can we, as a society start a conversation about men who struggle with their identity and their self-worth? Can we as a society start asking our male friends if they are okay, and show them techniques on how to love themselves? Maybe, if we had resources and spaces for men to come in and learn “how to,” and learn from each other, men would feel safer or be more mature. Maybe, just maybe, we’d have some better men, instead of broken ones.

— Ma’ Ronda X — Peace Be Upon You

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