Visual Features Overview

The following pieces were handpicked to give MaRonda's readers the opportunity to not only hear her words but also witness her emotions. These visuals are a representation of MaRonda's most inner thoughts & the spiritual warfare she struggles with on a daily basis. The visuals are a therapeutic outlet that allowed MaRonda to express herself and to be vulnerable with the world to show anyone who may relate to MaRonda that they aren't alone. Finding Peace isn't Peaceful allows supporters to gain a deeper understanding of Ma' Ronda, and the visuals are merely a snippet of her story. 




Video & Photo Courtesy of MILLSUAVE VISUALS

Dear Dad

The following piece highlights the relationship between MaRonda and her father as well as highlights her last name changing from George to X, and what that process meant to her.   

He Loves Me

The following piece acknowledges how one could say they love you, but not actually love you.  How one could love more of what you can do for them than love who you are as a person. 

Forbidden Fruit

The following piece acknowledges Ma' Ronda's self-evaluation process. Also, describes a correlation between her choice in food and her choices in men. 

The Cycle

The following piece describes a relationship of how the absence of a boy's mother impacted his relationship with a Ma' Ronda. However, due to the relationship not working out, the piece also describes how that interaction affected the Ma' Ronda's relationship with God and her future lovers. 

I'm Mad At You

The following piece describes the disappointment MaRonda has of an old friend and lover. However, despite the hurt, he caused her, she is more upset with herself for placing herself in that particular situation. 

Unhealed Wounds

The following piece describes the battle MaRonda faces with herself and her family, and lessons learned after sleeping with men who weren't the one for her. 

I'm a Queen

The following piece describes the process of Ma' Ronda discovering her self-identity. Ma' Ronda manages to exemplify "Queen" tendencies, yet struggles with who she is as a woman. 

Are You Okay?

The following piece describes the irritation of people asking the question of "Are you okay?" without realizing the unreleased pain that comes with the topic. The piece also highlights the uncomfortable feeling of being vulnerable and feeling as if she must mask her pain to appear stronger than what she is. 


Queendom & Kingdom

The following piece highlights the struggle men and women have with holding themselves to a higher standard and fighting temptation. However, reaching to the King/Queen within them to preserve their self-worth.