“Finding Peace isn’t Peaceful is a conversation piece & story on Black intimacy, family, and how trauma informs love. It challenges and brings up gender roles, power, control and how that plays out during romantic intimacy.”
— Rodrael G. | Recording Artist | Educator

Ma’ Ronda’s book is everything! It is so beautifully written and every chapter speaks  to my soul! From the wanting to convert to the Muslim faith, to the men, the good taste in music, self-worth work, and the book and it’s entirety. MaRonda is truly a gem! So excited for her journey.


Although I have had some amazing students in all of my classes, students, like Ma’Ronda, only come along once in a professor’s career. Ma’Ronda is the epitome of a Black Studies’ scholar. She makes me very excited about the future.


Ma’Ronda touches on something important that needs to be talked about in the Black community, mental health. We as Black people go through so much and continue to be resilient and optimistic, but sometimes we need to sit down and reflect on all of the challenges we have faced throughout our entire life.

— Shantelle b.

The way Ma’ Ronda beautifully details her story gives me hope in the power of human vulnerability. It’s hard not to relate to the author’s external struggles and her internal search for their deeper meaning. Finding peace may not be peaceful, but MaRonda X makes it sound worthwhile. 



Vulnerable, intriguing, & heartfelt!


It left me wanting more because it was so real and deep. Very motivational.

— Meyanna g.

I recommend to all weary souls that yearn for love but haven't realized how to love themselves just yet.

— Tiara d.

Unapologetic, self-discovery, vulnerable, & life-changing!

— Danisha l.